The massage I received today was wonderful. I told her the spots in my neck that were giving me trouble and she worked till she found the cause witch was actually in my shoulder blade. She spent the time to make sure the knot was worked out and I could move my neck easier. Very friendly staff and most relaxing atmosphere. Thank you all for great at what you do.  - Cecily

Of all the places in the world where a stranger can touch me, this is the only place I feel comfortable with it.
But in all seriousness, my wife and I love the couples hot stone massage. They're excellent, and very professional, and the atmosphere is pretty good. - Philip

OMG! I just had the BEST massage of my life. It was called Restore and Revive, it was an hour long, performed by Morgan. It incorporated hot stones, hot towels, deep tissue, and full body massage elements. I would highly recommend this massage to anyone needing a super relaxing, deeply satisfying experience. You will not be disappointed! I can't wait to book with her again! - Michelle
The famous saying "families that play together stay together" could also extend to include "couples that play together stay together."  Joint leisure activity and recreation are the fancy names experts use to describe play.  In other words, they describe adults having a fun time together.  Play is not just for kids.  You are never too old to participate in wholesome, fun, recreational activities, and doing so has benefits.

Renew your relationship
Improve positive communication between you
Help you develop a stronger friendship
Solidify your relationship at its core 

Couples Massage

Couples services are performed in the same room, side by side.  This is a great way to spend a day at the spa with your significant other, parent, child or best friend.  Add on a sauna session or love package to anything below or give us a call to customize that special day for you.  Price includes two people.

Couples Fire & Ice Massage

50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210

Medium to deep tissue massage that includes three hot stones in your area of choice followed by a thei muscle balm.

Couples Revive & Restore Massage

50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210

The Revive and Restore massage includes warm Basalt stones in one area of your choice along with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Couples ABU Signature Massage

50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210

Our signature massage combines Swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular techniques to create just the massage you need, catered specifically to your needs. As a special extra, your feet and hands will be scrubbed using our signature scrub and wrapped in hot steam towels.   

Couples Deep Tissue Massage

50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210

Deep Tissue Massage will get to the core of the problem by working intensely on the muscles and connective tissue to free toxins and restore circulation of blood and oxygen. 

Couples Hot Stone Massage

50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210

Chosen for their temperature retentive qualities, natural stones can enhance a massage with hot therapy to warm and stimulate. 

Couples Swedish Massage

50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210

This technique uses specific strokes and varying pressures to release tension in the muscle and tissues.

Couples Foot Treatment

50 Minutes  $100    80 Minutes  $160

Enjoy a warm foot bath followed by scrub and a relaxing knee down massage.

Couples Infrared Sauna

15 Minutes  $30    30 Minutes  $60

Enjoy warmth that simulates the suns natural rays, detoxes the body and helps season depression.

Love at the Spa

Indulgence - $36 Per Couple

Experience the sight of a glowing candle, the smell of a soothing aroma, and the touch of warm massage oil with our new Massage Flame Candle. Enjoy complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or wine.  Take home candles at end of services.

Pure Bliss - $29 Per Couple

Seduce your senses with our luxurious Apricot Body Oil. Ultra-hydrating apricot oil is blended with an assortment of essential oils and is used during the massage.  Also enjoy complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or wine.  Take home bottle of oil at end of service.

Spoil Me -  $56

Enjoy your choice of a delightfully scented Rustic House soy candle burning during your treatment along with complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or wine.  Take home candles at end of service.