Bio-Slimming Body Wrap

Full Wrap 80 Minutes $120
Core 50 Minutes  $100

The Bioslimming product is one of the strongest professional products available, it is packed full of essential oils, plant, algae extracts, and caffeine to fight cellulite and boost the body's ability to metabolize fat. The BioSlimming "wrap" doesn't turn you into a mummy, since we don't use bandages to wrap you up. This wrap is a treatment that on average melts away 3 - 5 inches around your waistline, hips, thighs and upper arms after a single treatment. You will not sweat during your treatment, it's mess free, and doesn't require a shower afterwards. Other wraps just take off water weight, but this actually helps eat away fat. So while you enjoy a relaxing thirty minute foot and scalp massage, here's what goes on in your muscles, tissues, and fat: 

  • The massage heats up the subcutaneous tissue, creating a mechanical stretch of the tissue. This makes your skin softer while it repairs tissue that fat deposits damage. 
  • Increases collagen production, helping to repair glands while your skin softens and tightens.
  • The Ultra Slim Gel breaks down fat deposits, improving the tightening of skin, also while reducing water retention. This erases varicose and spider veins,  stretch marks, and capillary redness.  
  • The caffeine works to improve your metabolism, speed up the fat-burning process,  burn calories, and  minimizes lumpiness of skin.  

After your treatment, the wrap continues to detoxify your body and works for a full 12 hours after it is applied. The results are amazing, and you will leave feeling thinner and healthier.  

The massage I received today was wonderful. I told her the spots in my neck that were giving me trouble and she worked till she found the cause witch was actually in my shoulder blade. She spent the time to make sure the knot was worked out and I could move my neck easier. Very friendly staff and most relaxing atmosphere. Thank you all for great at what you do.  - Cecily

Of all the places in the world where a stranger can touch me, this is the only place I feel comfortable with it.
But in all seriousness, my wife and I love the couples hot stone massage. They're excellent, and very professional, and the atmosphere is pretty good. - Philip

OMG! I just had the BEST massage of my life. It was called Restore and Revive, it was an hour long, performed by Morgan. It incorporated hot stones, hot towels, deep tissue, and full body massage elements. I would highly recommend this massage to anyone needing a super relaxing, deeply satisfying experience. You will not be disappointed! I can't wait to book with her again! - Michelle
Unique formula combining plant extracts, caffeine, essential oils, algae extracts and thermal agents.
Eliminates Toxins
Thermo agents stimulate lymphatic system
Improves appearance of stretch marks
Improves circulation
Enhances weight loss
Decreases appearance of cellulite by 47%
Slims, firms and tones
Continues to work up to 12 hours
May last up to 14 days.

Body Glow & Massage

80 Minutes  $105

Indulge in an all over body scrub to slough away dry, dead skin.  After scrub is removed enjoy a full body relaxation massage.

Body Glow

50 Minutes  $80

Lay back and enjoy an invigorating full body exfoliation using our signature body scrub. Your skin will be caressed with vitamins that will enrich you skin with nutrients, leaving it feeling lustrous and radiant. After the scrub has been removed, a light application of moisturizing oil is applied.